Sparrow Dynamics CRG-15 Compliant Rifle Grip for Featureless AR15s


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Product Overview

Sparrow Dynamics CRG-15 Compliant Rifle Grip

The Sparrow Dynamics CRG-15 Compliant Rifle Grip is designed for featureless builds.


• Weight: 2.65 oz. w/Hardware
• Material: Reinforced Polymer (UV Stabilized)
• Thickness: 1.2 in. Max
• Fits most AR15 lowers receivers

Why the CRG-15 Rifle Grip?
The CRG-15 rifle grip is very affordable and only requires one screw to install. It is designed it to be as comfortable and functional as possible, while keeping consistent with the modern look of the AR-15 platform.

Why the need for a “Compliant Rifle Grip”?
Per recent California law, centerfire AR-15 rifles with bullet buttons are now considered assault weapons and must be registered before June 30th, 2018. Converting your rifle to a “featureless” rifle will mean that you will NOT be required to register it as an assault weapon. A “featureless” rifle is a fully functional rifle without the generic characteristics (or features) that define an assault weapon (such as a pistol grip, flash suppressor, telescoping stock, etc.).

A “featureless” centerfire AR-15 rifle CAN have a normal and fully functional magazine release. The CRG-15 rifle grip does NOT meet the California definition of a pistol grip (see details below*) due to the “forced” placement of the web of the trigger hand; therefore, we have classified this product as a “Compliant Rifle Grip”. The CRG-15 grip is an important aspect in the building of a “featureless” rifle.

*Definition per State of California’s “Assault Weapons Identification Guide”, 3rd Edition, November 2001, page 80: “Pistol Grip, conspicuously protruding: A grip that allows for a pistol style grasp in which the web of the trigger hand (between the thumb and index finger) can be placed below the top of the exposed portion of the trigger while firing.”

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