Patriot Pin 2.0 - Advanced Takedown System for Fixed Magazine AR-15

Patriot Pin


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Product Overview

Patriot Pin 2.0

The Patriot Pin 2.0 is a no-compromise takedown system, loaded with features. The added features make this an excellent add-on to any system, and a no brainer on fixed mag setups. The 2.0 has all of the same great features as the original, plus adds a lot more features you won't find anywhere else.

Other people living in "Free" states will still appreciate the Patriot Pin for it's quick takedown to be able to quickly and easily tear down your rifle for cleaning, clearing a jam, or changing uppers.

**The Patriot Pin currently does not fit AR-10 models**

The Patriot Pin needs to be used with an AR MAGLOCK device. 


Upper Receiver Limiter
Heavy Duty custom cut piece of EPDM rubber that slips over your forward assist button, in order to limit the travel of the receiver opening. It can easily be removed to have access to full disassembly.

QD Sling Mount
QD Sling Mount built into the bracket ( Sling Swivel is not included ).

Anti-Rotation Castle Nut
Anti-Rotating Castle Nut that uses a set-screw to lock the nut in place

Delrin Takedown Pin
Delrin is an industrial-strength, self-lubricating polymer that is stronger than aluminum, and will protect your upper and lower from metal on metal wear.

Mil-Spec Hard Anodized
The bracket and arm are made from billet aluminum that is Type 3 Hard Anodized to increase strength and finish protection.

Made in the USA
The Patriot Pin is 100% engineered and 100% manufactured in the USA

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